Larger, lighter BMW X4 gets £43,000 asking price

The facelifted BMW X4 will arrive in the UK later this year with more cabin space, less weight and a £42,900 asking price.

Four years after it was first introduced, the coupe-cum-SUV has been updated with new aesthetics. Not only is it 8cm longer and almost 4cm wider than its predecessor, but the wheelbase has been extended by more than 5cm. As a result, it’s more practical than before, and BMW says the extra bulk has made it look more purposeful.

More minor modifications include sleeker L-shaped tail lights, the hint of a double-bubble roof and an updated kidney grille.

Inside, BMW claims the new X4 has a driver-orientated cabin, complete with contoured sports seats and infotainment controls angled slightly towards the driver’s seat.

There’s also more space, thanks to the increased dimensions. The boot, for example, has swollen slightly to 525 litres, while there’s about 3cm more rear legroom.

BMW X4 2018 Red Interior

At launch, customers will be able to specify the X4 with one of four engines: three diesels and one petrol. All four engines are relatively high performance, with the entry-level diesel – the 2.0-litre 20d – serving up 188bhp and a 0-62mph time of eight seconds.

Above that sits the 3.0-litre six-cylinder 30d, which produces 262bhp and takes the big 4×4 from a standstill to 62mph in less than six seconds.

Such performance makes the even more potent M40d look superfluous, but the combination of 322bhp and a 4.9-second sprint to 62mph, as well as 44.1mpg, might be a convincing argument for many.

Some, however, will want yet more performance, in the shape of the M40i petrol model. Like the 30d and M40d, it uses a 3.0-litre straight-six engine, but it churns out a mountainous 355bhp and shaves one-tenth from the M40d’s acceleration time.

BMW X4 2018 Red Rear Dynamic

This impressive performance is not all down to the engines, though. BMW has worked hard to ensure the X4 is as light as possible, with some variants weighing up to 50kg less than their predecessors.

Much of this weight reduction comes courtesy of a new body construction. Far more of the X4’s structure is now made from aluminium, while there’s more ultra-high-strength steel to increase the car’s rigidity.

The BMW X4 also has a lower centre of gravity than the new X3 on which it is based, with more of the weight sitting lower to the ground. According to the Bavarian manufacturer, this means the X4 is noticeably more agile than its more practical sibling.

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