Astronomical BMW 8 Series special edition reaches for the stars

BMW has created a bespoke version of its new 8 Series coupe inspired by the night’s sky.

Based on the V8-powered M850i xDrive, the imaginatively named Night Sky design study uses futuristic materials and “extra-terrestrial” surface patterns.

BMW M850i xDrive Night Sky Rear Static
The M850i xDrive Night Sky is based on the new 8 Series.

From the outside, it looks much like any other 8 Series, but look closely and you’ll see where BMW Individual has worked its magic.

The door mirrors and air intakes, for example, have a special pattern designed to reflect the surface of a meteorite. It’s repeated on the side air breathers, too, as well as the brake discs.

Anyone looking that closely may also spot the 3D-printed brake callipers lurking behind the big alloy wheels. BMW says they are 30 percent lighter than standard brakes, improving the car’s ride, performance and handling.

BMW 8 Series Night Sky
Meteorite-inspired trim is fitted to the mirrors and air intake strakes.

Inside, the Night Sky boasts tri-colour leather seats and the meteorite pattern on the trim. LEDs set into the centre console imitate the heavens, while deep blue carpets finish the look.

Under the bonnet, though, it’s all standard 8 Series stuff. A 4.4-litre, 523bhp V8 engine drives all four wheels, sending the big coupe to 62mph in 3.7 seconds. As ever, the top speed is 155mph.

BMW 8 Series Night Sky
LEDs in the centre console imitate the twinkling stars of the night’s sky.

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