New BMW 8 Series goes on sale with £76,000 asking price

BMW’s new flagship coupe – the 8 Series – is now on sale with a starting price of just over £76,000.

With honed suspension, powerful engines and a lightweight construction, BMW says the rakish two-door is designed to offer “thrilling driving dynamics”.

At first glance, the 8 Series seems to boast fairly typical BMW styling. It’s quite masculine and solid, yet still sleek.

There’s a muscular look to the front end, with sharp angles to the kidney grilles and flared air intakes sitting alongside narrow, purposeful headlights. Then, behind the long bonnet, there’s a shallow gradient to the windscreen a curved roof and a long rear window.

As with the 6 Series, there’s a hint of a double-bubble roof, which flows into thick rear haunches and a slightly squashed-looking rear end. Massive exhaust pipes, a number plate and a diffuser vie for space lower down, while the top half is dominated by flat, wide tail lights.

BMW 8 Series 2019 Interior

Inside, it’s pretty standard BMW fare, with the iDrive infotainment system seeming to pop from the dashboard. The central screen doesn’t take over, though – that honour falls to the digital instrument display. Like Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, the BMW display combines information such as speed and engine revs with satellite navigation data or entertainment settings.

Just behind that screen, lurking beneath the long bonnet, customers get a choice of just two engines. The ‘basic’ £76,270 price tag buys the 840d xDrive model, which is powered by a straight-six diesel engine that sends its 315bhp might to all four wheels. It’s good for 0-62mph in less than five seconds, and it’ll return 46.3mpg.

However, for a smidgen over £100,000, buyers can opt for the V8-powered 850i model. Bringing back the iconic moniker, the range-topping model gets 523bhp – enough for a 3.7-second 0-62mph dash.

BMW 8 Series 2019 Grey Rear Static

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